The Aaron B Story

The name of the brand. Aaron Boothe a Mancunian with now 10 years of experience in manufacturing pro audio speakers systems and 14 years as a professional sound engineer.

His story began in his early youth days. Many of his family members are DJ's and have sound systems exposing Aaron to equipment he was more excited about than toys (so his mother states). By the age of 14, Aaron was DJ’ing needing taxis to get himself and his gear to gigs because he was too young to drive, even designing his own sound systems and building boxes in his mother's living room. The passion for this field was already in his blood.

Such early exposure to head-lining performers and DJs, for whom the reputation of having a great sound was paramount, gave the young Aaron an insight to what speaker systems needed to deliver for top artists. A rich love of music from his Jamaican family background was ignited into a passion for learning how to make sound systems that could meet such high demands. With the courage and independent thinking typical of all innovators, Aaron realised the need to move far beyond his culture’s traditions in speaker-building to master what was required to develop speaker systems for the professional audio markets.

Aaron’s first years at some Manchester based companies from 2002 such as Concert Systems, Wigwam Acoustics, Rockys, dbnaudile and MCL, plus in-house engineering at Manchester Academy, gave him a complete grounding in the real-world requirements of top level audio. As he progressed to Mix and System Engineer, working with UK & international bands on concerts, festivals, theatres, and in the corporate sector, he learned what it was like to be at the helm of a sound ship.


The Brand

The brand resonates with Aaron Boothe’s hands-on, real-world career in the live and installation markets.

Our Customers

Customers are a significant part of our business. Our priority is to provide great customer service.

The Vision

Innovating high-end, reliable products, keeping the simple principles of audio systems designs, twinned with both today’s advancing technologies.

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The opinion of Aaron Boothe about Speaker Systems

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